Friday, February 5, 2010

Life's a beach!

Last saturday was my monthly pholas with my girls.Simonstown is a favourite spot and we go there a lot but this time it was different somehow.We'd all been going through rough patches and periods of refining.So it only made sense to go to where we could experience nature while licking each other's wounds. F's at a crossroads.Her relationship with her "father figure"(as we know him) has reached its sell by date and she doesn't know how to get out. N is cut up about her babydaddy(who litterally left her at the alter) marrying someone he'd known for just two months.T is stuck in the mother of all ruts.N2 has just found out she's a serial dumper and moi has what she thought she wanted but is not happy. Looking at the waves i realised that just how life works.Like the ocean our physical and emotional/spiritual bodies get polluted by experiences,fears and just nje the stench of faiulure but ultimately the body knows when its not rights and will get restless yearning for that cleanliness of spirit, that peace..It then pulls its weight to clean its self.What comes in comes out. We sat there catching up on our spiritual woes,licking each others wounds until we couldn't anymore.The only thing left to do was to go dance in the water(since some of us could'nt swim to Boris Kodjoe if he was calling us esemanzini).While dancing like a maniac i lost an earing but since the ocean cleans it self,one day day someone will find it and will hopefully hear the echo of the lessons i've learnt form my journey will sound as they pic it up from where the sea has spewed it.


  1. nice piece choms, i love the location dear can i come to the next polla session if thats ok,wow i min its nice to hav ur galfrnds to support u wen u goin thru tough tyms as well as to share the gud tyms 2.thumbs up bantu-sista!!

  2. Thank you sweedie.The more the merrier.We startin' a movement!Yhea!