Monday, March 1, 2010

Im okay

It feels like i've just started living...Like i had scales in my eyes removed.I trully existed nje the past 22 years...Not sure who i was.Afraid to come out...23 has just been an adventure.I started following my heart and listening to the song God put in me.New things,new challenges...I feel the peace im supposed to feel when im 40...
A peace with my faults-they are all lyrics to my song,a clarity about life n how God works and now i know for sure where my source of happiness is.I unwrap new gifts everyday-be it new friends,random people who bless me just nje,new music,the laughter i share with my friends-friends who love me unpolished and clumsy,my mother who makes me laugh and teaches me humility without saying much,discovering good stuff in people...Our lives r gifts but they require us to be faithful stewards over them.Today,this morning, there's nothing that makes more sense than God's plan and the rhythm he's put in my heart.

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