Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hermanus!!!!!!!!....We only got one middle finger from a boer.There's hope y'all!

Hermanus is the most beautiful place in the western cape,next to Cape Town.Its a perfect get away from the hustle and bustle of the city,an artist's paradise-you get artist ready do sketch you at the road side,every other shop is an art gallery.Book shops,OMG!! This place really is heaven.The flea market is a sure way to blow your savings.You get perfect dresses you wouldn't get anywhere near Cape Town.This time around, i'm glad to say i didn't succumb to temptation.I only bought a diary-a very cool one!

So i went with my gfs and new found gf,who i really need to add,are a bunch of mild hooligans!The drive to Hermanus itself was interesting.We were sardined in a car with Michael Bolton and Simphiwe Dana taking turns on the cd player.All of us are above sixty kilograms,except for the driver who really should start eating!So youcan imagine the level of confort(lack thereof).I was glad to get to out destination alive(with the right side of my body totally numb from Sophie squashing me!
What followed were massive loads of food being consumed at an alarming pace over wine and grape juice(for the disciples) and heated debates.Its no surprise that when we got home every one of us were constipated and snappy.My belly is a mess as i write this!

I learnt the importance of friendship.We all need a cirle of friends who you know have your back when you need them.They don't need to be perfect, they just need to be there(Wow! Tha's profound).Where there's a bunch of different people, there's bound to be sparks flying all over the place but those are usually from you guys sharpening each other.Like the Bible says"Iron sharpens Iron".
I am really thankful for the loud belly laughter i share with my girls(and boys), the fights and the times we huddle around each other when we in pain. We laugh, we cry and we gain weight together.Now that's what i call friendship!

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