Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beautifulest love song

I hate love songs!Mainly for the fact that they have the same effect alcohol has on me.They blerrie lure you into a blerrie abyss of blerrie cretinous behaviour(i'l explain later). Bt this one...this one by this ninja of an artist(Amel Larrieux) is an abyss i will gladly go in.

Go on feast your senses

Swift as a wind song
You sand the music of an honest bird
I waited for some contradiction
But truth was ringin' in your every word

And every moment since then
The one thing i can tell
Is that i belong with you
And no one else

Lay down those heavy burdens
On the banks of this river deep
No that every piece of your past
Is always some place safe with me

And when we're grey, head wiser
The story i will tell
Is that i belong with you
And no no no one else

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