Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I skate clutching the rail fearing falling head-over-heels again
I hold tight fearing failure, but loving you all the same.
I plead with my heart to heed to the sense of the head
I grasp at the wind. Supressing this love drives me mad

Pent up emotions, silent cries keep me awake at night
Await me in the morning when the darkness turns light
Why would l scratch wounds as they begin to heal?
Why do you love me now? What’s changed how you feel?
This gratification you get out of seeing me squirm
Makes me believe you wanting me is all a sham

I feel my guards slowly give in
As your promise to change once more
I clench tighter pretending im not keen
I will fight this feeling as if its not sore
My heart will obey me and keep quiet
As I turn my back on love and walk from it