Thursday, December 20, 2012

Style Inspiration: Lala Seemane

Meet my style inspiration Larla! I love this girl to bits and pieces!
I met Lala on Facebook (Yes, I was that random person adding people who had nice pictures (._.'). I love her sense of style...She's not afraid to rock trends but her own sense of style is what makes her stand out. We've had conversations about clothes like most people speak about life issues and we're unashamed!
Known for asking random people to take pictures of her outfits, Lala could be the only person who likes being photographed more than me :(
All I need in this life of sin is her wardrobe (*,*)/

I love this ensemble! The dress, the turban...*sigh*

Lars bought this oversized cowlneck from my vintage spaza (KoolMakhulu). I saw it and immediately knew she would love it!

I absolutely love how this girl can pull off an oversized shirt and All Stars!

How do you manage to listen to a sermon sitting to someone this HAUTE??!! How??

I have begged and begged for these babies :(

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