Sunday, December 30, 2012

The year was 2012

So in a few hours it'll be in 2013! Where the hell did 2012 go! The last I checked I was writing a list of my goals for the year then it was my birthday then poof!
Im happy to say as short as the year was, I achieved most of the short-term goals I set for myself.

I had a dream ( I thought it would happen in the next 3 years) to write for an arts magazine but I got more that that! I get to write my own column and help make creative decisions!!
I styled my first fashion shoot from scratch in March. I'd always wanted to style but didnt think I could do it so soon and with so fact no training at all :D Other shoots soon followed! Im super grateful to Nkuli and Linda for the support!
I finally got myself a good camera and a professional sketching book so I've been drawing and taking pictures of my li'l travels and beautiful scenery. AIRPUNCH!!!

Those who know me know that I suffer from Artist's Foot! I have incredibly itchy feet that make it hard for me to stay in one place and this reason, my CV is full of short projects. This is something Im working on changing. Im going to stay in one place for the term Im supposed to and learn whatever lesson Im meant to while Im there. This nomad spirit has spilled over to my relationships, unfortunately. The moment I realize that you don't serve any particular purpose in my life, I either flee or make it very clear that I have no space for you. This doesn't always work in my favour because Im not always right about these things.

Speaking of relationships, this year I was mostly single unlike the past couple of years where I was just single nje. What Im grateful for though, is that no matter how turbulent my relationships are, I always gain amazing friends in the end. Im a firm believer in love and would love to have my own little family one day but I've decided to chill and do me. If anything comes along, awesome! if it doesn't, I'll be that lady in her 50's with s-curl and cut travelling around to buy a good time ;)

Another thing momentous event of 2012 was probably when on December 6th, I decided to put a weave on my hair after 3 years of Soul Sista/Afrikan journey. I got a lot of hate for that for my dashiki-wearing people. I had no particular reason why I did it but it was fucking liberating! Yes, liberating! I know people always say weaves are the chains of the colonizer but fuckit, I loved every moment! Im in the process of undoing my hair and might decide to put a weave on again. Who knows?!

On a low note, I lost a few people that I held dear to my heart. All within the space of two months. Sandile Nene who was one of the smartest guys I know, creative and found time to be a jackass too :'D ; Graham Phippen, who was my mentor, father and ( at one time) my boss ; and most recently my grandfather Saule Tafeni. He was the man that was supposed to put my future husband on a scale one day to see if he was worthy of me ;) ,walk me down the aisle and see me have my kids. Mkhulu is pretty well-known so everyone has lost a friend, a community leader, pastor and general good guy. My heart's broken that I wont see him again but Im happy to have had him in my life.

I thank everyone of you who've taken time to read my ramblings and comment and share and... Thank you to everyone who reads my column on and to my friends who have no choice but to read my stuff! My family who are faithful to provide me with just the right amount of laughter and grey hairs!

I love you all and wish for you a great 2013 filled with success happiness and enough money to afford Camps Bay sundowners every week.

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