Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Day I Fell In Love (a poem that would neither rhyme nor gel)

I wrote this some time last year and I've been waiting for inspiration to actually trim it nicely but it refuses to. So yeah, allow me to share my ramblings! Raw this time :)

It was unlike all the times I thought I had
This was more than a fuzzy feeling at the pit of my tummy
A joy bubbling or a smile that catches me unawares
This was more than 3 little words said with ulterior motives
Or wilting flowers to assure me I'm worthy
I'm sorry but this love is no Hollywood lie
Its no Disney tear-jerker fairytale and you wont find it
decorated in red and white ribbons and hearts on a window

Its a confidence that stems from the greatness tattooed in my DNA
I speak of a love I didn't have to beg for
Or wonder if it was going to be there when I wake
I didn't have to be Foxy with a medal in bedroom gymnastics
This love doesn't come with an expiration date and doesn't alter
with my short-comings
These heaps of love have nothing to do with how my bum is proportioned
Instead it abounds in my imperfection

This love is written on my soul where no one can legislate
Its a beautiful union of me and the self I've held captive for years
The all-over-the-place,fearful Me and the Im-Okay-With-Me
and the Fuck-Fear Me had a beautiful collision
With a tear stained diary, a bagful of broken dreams and a cup or Rooibos
The Original Lover of My Soul revealed the ME created in His image.
The me who is enough when she's a bundle of nerves and when she comes short
The day I fell in love something died so something new could be birthed.

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