Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who wants to join me in tripping happy couples tomorrow?

Hahaha! Ok, as fun as that would be, it wouldn't be very nice neh? :/

So what does one do ke? Here's are my options:

1. Tweet hearts to my Twitter Crush and risk him unfollowing me and risk Twerrorists (Twitter Terrorist) having a field day with me.

2. Whine at God for not coming through for me in the love department?

3.Lift my ban on romantic movies?

4.Bully my nephews into making Valentine's cards for me (-_-)

5.Miss gym and go stuff my face with Mellisa's Red Velvet Cake

Though none of these are not half exciting as the title of this blog, I'm going to have to make peace with one of them. That's unless my unsuspecting lover, soulmate and daddy of my two and ahalf babies, Darrel Walls finaly quits acting like he don't want me and just... you know...surrender to his yearning (hahaha i need help.

Have a great one, babies! If you celebrate it, go ahead and spoil your loved one and if you don't, son't be a bitch and try make others feel bad for celebrating it.

Love n Jelly Babies :)

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