Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Goddess Bootcamps Part.2

One of the requirements of completing the Goddess Bootcamp challenge was that I needed to get a journal and do the sessions at the end of each chapter. I say the book was a challenge because thats what it felt like; after each session i felt dared to live better.
Im going to share 3 sessions that had the most impact on me. I only hope that you're not only inspired to start these conversations with yourself but also to buy the book for yourself and your daughters.

Write down things that are bad about you

- I have very little patience and often leave things unfinished because of this. Work, relationships...
-I'm a shopaholic (this is NOT good)
-I always give assholes the benefit of the doubt when deep down I know they are assholes
- Though Im pear shaped, I have big arms (Sick joke, God!)
-I inherited my gran's moles :(

...The good :-)

- I have a great sense of humour and always manage to make people laugh
-I have a spectacular ass!!! (booty hops to the future!!)
- I grew up very shy but have somehow broken free and conquered the fear of myself (and people)
- I sing really well
- I have a flair for languages
- Im very creative.I can do make up, decor and clothing design...
- I inherited my mother's great legs :)

Why is it great to be a woman

- We handle pain better
-Because we're the ones who experience child birth, we have the most(or initial) connection to the human lives we carry
-We were chosen to deliver human lives
- We can turn on the tears and cause shit to happen (ha!)
-We can walk in heels all day and make it look effortless

I need to...

-Stop saying "YES" to helping people with their projects when I know Im swamped
- Care less about what people will say and worry about whether im living to the full
-Pay attention to intuition
-Create a space and time where I'll do what I enjoy most (as a gift to myself)
-IGNORE(Trevor Noah voice) work calls and emails when Im at home. They steal my joy.
-Stop breaking my back for people who are never there for me.

"We inherit our loves and fears"- this line made more sense to me most

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