Tuesday, June 4, 2013

OOTD, Fun Times with Larla :-)

So today was pretty bleh hey. That's until I met up with Larla, my style muse, friend and all round beautiful person. I mean who else would leave work in a hurry to answer my call for a drinks mate?! I love that I can be silly and serious with Larla. When we are not talking about fashion trends like they are life's biggest issues, we're holding each other up with kind words and prayer ( You do pray for me neh L?).

I wearing a blazer I got at Salvation Army (for R10 *AIRPUNCH*), a floral shirt I got from Larla, leggings from Mr. Price, boots from a chinese shop (go ahead and judge me) and a turban from a vintage stall in CT CBD.


  1. You are lucky having such a great friend (she's a treasure) and about your outfit you are smashin ... love the entire outfit especially that you scored everything cheaper. You look chic with that turban


  2. Thank you, Thulisa. Love n Jelly Babies