Sunday, December 22, 2013

3 Days To 27...

A few days ago I laughed at how OLD it feels to be almost 27. For an entire 27 years I've been alive! :-O
I vividly remember being 21 then it all goes blurry and now I'm here. And contrary to how negative the last line might sound,"here" is not a bad place. Its not what I would have designed for myself had I been given the choice, but I am grateful for it and the next chapter.

Everyone who knows me has probably grown tired of my "This has been the worst year of my life.." speech. And as true as it is, that this year has taken a lot out of me, I'm tired of it. I'm so happy its drawing to an end.
So as it does and my birthday nears, I did an exercise trying to think of 27 things that made me smile, things that I'm grateful took place... I won't lie and say I didn't struggle counting them. I had long pauses and head scratches but here they are..

Dress made by Jamakazi Chwayita Thelejane (Fruitcake Vintage)

1. Performing at the Cape Town Festival in March
2. Rebuilding my mother's house
3. Finding out who my real friends were (even though it wasn't a pleasant feeling)
4. Discovering You Tube hair tutorials ( this DOES belong here!)
5. Sibusiso
6. Grace Bible Church
7. Second chances and fresh starts
8. My column at Unbranded Truth (
9. My mother's resilience at a time when she had every excuse to break down and curse God made me want to be a better person
10. Stay Fresh 2013 was the best party I've ever attended. Yes, EVER!!
11. My performance at the ANENE BOOYSEN (1Billion Rising) Tribute Show by the Cape Cultural Collective was one of my best performances. I meant every word I sang and it moved the audience.
12. Attending my first International Cape Town Jazz Festival
13. The Hermanus Food and Wine Festival with my girls
14.Finding a brand/range that works for my skin - The Body Shop Tea Tree range
15. Meeting and becoming great friends with Ncedisa Mpemnyama :-)
16. Seeing Maxwell perform live
17. Karabo
18. Complements from strangers
19. My manager who takes waaaay more crap from me than allowed
20. Being able to afford drinks, new linen every other month, lunch dates with my friends and family...basically, my job!
21. Performing at my friend, Vuyo's Events Company launch
22. The Goddess Book Club even though I have less hair because of it..pffff
23. People who have my back ALWAYS. Whose intentions are always good and who look out for me. Mother, Sophie, Thumeka
24. Meeting MaRhadebe, the lady who makes my African print outfits for me (at next to nothing)
25. Performing at the Cape Town TV Mandela tribute.
26. Reconciling with a friend
27. Finally cutting of a person I had put on a pedestal for years even though they made me feel like I wasn't enough. So hard but the best decision to come out of 2013.



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