Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nakhane Toure

The most annoying thing about me is that when I discover something I like, everybody needs to know just how amazing it is! Be it a new eat-out spot (Arriba, Latin restaurant on Long Street has become my spirishwal home), blog (styleisstyle Lydia Okello) or music...- Mitches must know!

Now my current musical obsession has been on the throne for the past 6 months after dethroning Lianne La Havas (who is stil a fave) and it just gets deeper. Nakhane Toure is such a genius that my vocab doesn't do him justice. You guys just need to get his debut album BRAVE CONFUSION so we can have chamomile tea and discuss this here work of art. This guys sings about his gay lover, about bible scripture...(Brave) Has a cocktail of indie, choral and afro fusion in one album and he reads!...Let me just stop. Check out the review I wrote for Unbranded Truth http://unbrandedtruth.com/portfolios/nakhane-toure/

Brother got 4 SAMA nominations too and took home Best Alternative Artist.Let me leave some of my favourite lines from this album...for control purposes!

- Don't you know I'll have myself in the morning for this (Dark Room)

- Im walking on the balls of my feet..In the cold to meet you...I wish I had shoes on (The Dead)

- Abraham, father of my fathers...I am the sand...And I am the start..So don't take me away..No please don't

- If my heart were a field...There'd be much to harvest...But there'd be nothing left to glean...Coz man. I've been stripped clean (If My Heart Were A Field)

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