Sunday, November 23, 2014


I want to snatch my uterus and throw it in the air like a frisbee!!!
I'm tired of being curled up in this couch feeling, wincing and wondering
why God couldn't find any other way to punish me.
Is this really over an apple?? That petty? A fucking apple tree??
You mean to tell me I'm a hormonal wounded monster for 5 days
every month because someone ate from an apple tree?
I mean, I don't even like apples!
What's this got to do with me?

This week, I've missed an ex,cried over having to wash the dishes twice in one day,
Amel Larrieux lyrics and not having enough data to stalk my work crush!
Dear Period, you are what stands between me and being THUG!!.
I wanna wear white pants and not think twice.
I want to not miss assholes I know I don't really love
I'm a strong woman, damnit!! Allow me to be on top of my emotions
Im sorry I didn't fall pregnant this month!!

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