Monday, October 17, 2016

Sold Into Marriage

I wrote this poem back in 2011 for the young woman my mother once was and for the thousands of young women who went/go through ukuthwalwa. It was first published by Cheryl Roberts in a publication called Sparkling Women.

Sold Into Marriage

Four hands
Money stacks
Hands shake
Deal's made
She's sold
He's old
It's dark

Water Spills
Dress rips
She screams
She kicks
They tug
They tie
It's dark

He strips
Fear seeps
Legs part
He thrusts
She cries
Then dies
It's dark

Belly grows
Waist thickens
She glows
He's sickened
It shows
She's crippled
It's dark

She births
He leaves
She begs
We all
Look away
She withers
It's dark

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